enfants cherchant un trésor

Fun riddles and challenges for a treasure hunt

Fun and amusing puzzles for a crazy treasure hunt! Fun and good times guaranteed! Kids love it and parents laugh. A fun riddle is the minimum requirement for a treasure hunt, so go ahead and play!

Nouvelle chasse au trésor : le trésor de la famille Magicus :

chasse au trésor de sorciers et de magie pour les enfants
chasse au trésor de sorciers et de magie pour les enfants

How to organize a treasure hunt

To organize a treasure hunt, I'll let you read the whole article, where I give you all the elements to think about for a successful treasure hunt.

Now it's time for the fun puzzles and challenges! Here are some ideas that your kids will love. If you have more, don't hesitate to share them in the comments.


Fun Riddle or Challenge #1: the lost sock

Here's a fun riddle to read to your kids during the treasure hunt: "I'm often alone, lost in the house. Who am I?"

Answer: a sock.

Then, once they've solved the riddle, the kids have to find a hidden sock to get the next clue. An even more fun trick is to hide it in their bedroom and have them find it in the dark with a flashlight. I used to play this as a kid, and I promise it's a lot of fun.


Fun Riddle or Challenge #2: Animal Calling Challenge

Each child must imitate the call of a specific animal to get the next clue. To make it more fun, you can ask them to imitate unlikely animals such as an ostrich or a chameleon.


Fun Riddle or Challenge #3: The crazy dance

To get the next clue, the kids have to dance as wildly as they can for one minute. The fun part is that everyone has to make up their own dance!


Fun Riddle or Challenge #4: Mime Challenge

Kids have to imitate one of their parents when they're grumpy or grouchy!


Fun Riddle or Challenge #5: Magic Hat Challenge

Put different objects in a hat (like a spoon, a toy, a piece of fruit...). Each child has to put their hand in the hat and guess what object they're touching to get the next clue. For a fun twist, dip the hand in a washable bag and add strange textures like slime, flour, or something sticky. Perfect for a Halloween treasure hunt.


Fun Riddle or Challenge #6: The Hot Potato Game

Pass an object between the children as in the game of hot potato. When the music stops, whoever has the object gets the next clue.


Fun Riddle or Challenge #7: The Blind Drawing Challenge

It's your turn to play a little game, too: the parent has to draw something blindfolded, while the kids have to guess what he's drawing. The first one to guess correctly gets the next clue.

I hope you enjoyed these puzzle ideas, what's your favorite?