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The homemade treasure hunt: a complete guide to an unforgettable adventure

Dive into the ultimate guide to organizing an unforgettable homemade treasure hunt. From selecting the theme to finding the treasure, discover how to turn your home into a real adventure for young and old alike. Get ready to create unforgettable memories!

A homemade treasure hunt isn't just a game for kids. It's an escape, an experience that sparks the imagination, stimulates the mind and creates lasting memories. If you're thinking of organizing a treasure hunt at home, let's dive into this comprehensive guide to ensure a successful and memorable adventure.

1. Choosing the theme: The foundation of your in-house treasure hunt

chasse au trésor maison

The treasure hunt theme is the foundation of any homemade treasure hunt. It provides direction, mood and context.

  • Timeless classics: pirate, knight or explorer themes are always a sure hit for any homemade treasure hunt.
  • Contemporary themes: a superhero universe, a space escape, or why not a Harry Potter style magical quest?

2. Mapping: the blueprint for your homemade treasure hunt

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Design the route of your home treasure hunt to maximize fun and minimize confusion.

  • Game zones: which parts of the house will be used? Do you want to include the garden or the garage in your home treasure hunt?
  • Strategic hiding places: the best treasures aren't always hidden. Sometimes they're just in plain sight, but in a clever way!

3. Riddles & Clues: The beating heart of the in-house treasure hunt

enfant réfléchissant lors d'une chasse au trésor à la maison

Riddles direct participants from point A to point B, adding suspense and challenge to the hunt.

  • Variety is key: a combination of riddles, charades and puzzles to ensure that every stage of the homemade treasure hunt is fresh and exciting.
  • Level of difficulty: adapt the riddles to the age and abilities of the participants. For a mixed house treasure hunt, offer different levels of challenge.

4. The Treasure: the icing on the cake

filles cherchant le trésor lors d'une chasse au trésor
  • Incremental rewards: small prizes hidden around the house at each stage can keep the enthusiasm high throughout the treasure hunt.
  • The big treasure: this could be a toy, a book, or even an experience, like a voucher for a special outing to do with your parents.

5. Full Immersion: The little extra that defines your in-house treasure hunt

décoration de pirates
  • Themed decorations: transform your space to match the chosen theme.
  • In-home background music: a suitable playlist can really bring your treasure hunt to life.

6. Tips for a successful homemade treasure hunt

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  • Preparation: scout your house to identify the best locations.
  • Adapt: if the children find something too quickly or struggle with a riddle, be ready to improvise.

7. Get everyone involved

parents et enfants jouant dans leur maison

Specific roles: If you have older children or other adults, give them a role. Whether they're the guardians of a clue or even an "evil" pirate blocking the way, it adds a touch of fun to the homemade treasure hunt.

8. Technology is your friend

enfant sautant sur un canapé lors d'un jeu

Gadgets: Use gadgets like walkie-talkies to add a modern touch to your homemade treasure hunt. Plus, kids love playing with them. For example, one child can guide the other into another room, helping them to solve a riddle. You could also use the walkie-talkies to contact a joker in the house to help solve a treasure hunt riddle.


Organizing a homemade treasure hunt takes time and preparation, but the laughter, smiles and memories created are more than worth it. With this guide in hand, you're well equipped to deliver a homemade scavenger hunt experience your kids (and you!) will never forget.

So, are you ready to transform your home into an epic adventure? The homemade treasure hunt is waiting for you!